Ben Burgis vs. Siaka Massaquoi at Moroccan Lounge

Ben Burgis vs. Siaka Massaquoi Tickets

Moroccan Lounge | Los Angeles, California

Ben Burgis vs. Siaka Massaquoi

Get READY, Los Angeles! On October 22, 2023, we're painting the town red with the unstoppable Ben Burgis vs. Siaka Massaquoi concert at the Moroccan Lounge. It's a blowout affair you can't afford to miss, as Ben lights the stage on fire with hits like "Rhythm Calling," and your man Siaka brings down the house with his anthemic "Release Me." Feel the PULSE of hardcore beats and the untamed energy that only a LIVE show can bring. We're talking about A-list entertainers and an atmosphere that reverberates with raw, unfiltered passion— the kind that leaves you breathless, yearning for more. It's the quintessential rendezvous for fans craving a memorable night, a cocktail of incredible music and heady vibes. Remember folks, a brilliant evening is just a ticket away. Don't get stuck outside looking in; this is history in the making. GRAB your TICKETS NOW for the most anticipated concert this FALL. Stand up, stand out and join the revelry.

We know you can think of so many things you'd like to be doing this October, is seeing a comedy one of them? Thats what we thought! It's the best way to ward off any bad demons, especially after the last few of years we have all had! The FREAKING FUNNY, the smashing, Ben Burgis vs. Siaka Massaquoi is touring the US for fall, 2023 and as expected its already a huge box office hit! Bring your pals with you, this is a real chance to share some joy with those closest, there is nothing quite like it. The exciting evening will be taking place the leading place for this sort of night in the state, Moroccan Lounge, Los Angeles, California on Sunday 22nd October 2023. This place is stunning, visitors adore it and thousands of top reviews cannot be incorrect! If you haven't already then this moment is time to buy your tickets. Just use this page to book via the link, you wont regret it!

Ben Burgis vs. Siaka Massaquoi at Moroccan Lounge

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