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Moroccan Lounge | Los Angeles, California

Fulton Lee

Pop your COLLARS and PREPARE to groove – Fulton Lee is coming to LA! This March 16, 2024, prepare to dance your heart out at the Moroccan Lounge. Expect to stir up a storm on the dance floor as this juicy blend of old school pop, soul, and rock n' roll fills those gorgeous acoustic walls! Remember "Baby Blue" and "Want to Love You"? LIVE, folks!

Feel the heart-throb's raw vibes, his energy is ELECTRIFYING! Be ready for an unforgettable night where soft falsettos and catchy beats will draw you in, make you FEEL.

Don’t just catch the waves of his indomitable spirit from your speakers, experience them LIVE in the heart of sunny California. It's more than a concert, it's a shared EXPERIENCE, a journey with the booming bass and hypnotic harmonies!

Don’t let this opportunity slide. The Fulton Lee tunes you LOVE, in a setting that’s too COOL to pass up. Click on that "buy ticket" button NOW, set your feet on FIRE!

Ya'll ready to shake off those winter blues and spring into some high-octane Urban-pop vibes? Just around the copious corner, LA's Moroccan Lounge is gearing up, and groomin’ for the bewitchin’ tunes of Fulton Lee, hold onto your socks, rockstars - this is going to be an incandescent musical expedition. March 16, 2024, is the scorchin' hot date that's sizzling on every music aficionado's calendar.

Expect an explosive evening filled with rejuvenating vibes, energy-poppin', alongside a rain of rhythmic cadences. We're talking 'bout thumping basslines and fiery percussion, blended with silky harmonies and most importantly - the impressive mesmerising charisma of Fulton Lee, giving them all the energy u crave.

About Fulton Lee

This ain't just your day-to-day live music gig – this is Fulton Lee in da house. This Nashville-based urban-pop virtuoso has been lighting up stages from coast to coast, bringing an infectiously fun atmosphere and a unique blend of soul-filled music magnetism that few can rival. Who can forget his hot chartbuster, ‘Baby Blue’? Peppered with nostalgic nod of classic Rock and Roll and mesmerising modern pop beats, this track climbed up the charts right into our hearts quicker than a blink. Lee's live performances are the stuff legends are made of: emotionally charged, full of energy, and utterly unpredictable – just like the man himself.

Moroccan Lounge Information

Nestled in the slightly chaotic coziness of Downtown LA, Moroccan Lounge is where the magic happens. A charming mix of urban chic and old school charm, it exudes an atmosphere of musical enlightenment. And the sound, mateys, it’s like yo’ sitting in a plush recording studio. And don’t even get me started on the selection of craft beers and mixed drinks! It's somethin’ that can turn your night from "meh" to marvelous in the sip of a glass.

Ticket Information

Steer your browsers toward the venue’s box office page for initial offerings, but if luck runs its course before you snag your pass, don't you worry your funky heads! We got ya’ covered with the next best – scratch that, even better – option. Ticket Squeeze is yo’ savior for those low-cost, low-fee, super-affordable resale tickets to the most smokin' gigs in town.

The clock is ticking louder than the drumbeat of your favorite tune, don't hold it off till the encore – it'll be too late then, and trust me, you don't want to miss this for the world. Attending a Fulton Lee show is not just attending a concert; it's a collective experience of like minded souls, swaying under the rhythmic syncopation of life.

So get on it, folks! Fuse your spirit with the rhythmic beats of Fulton Lee, feed your soul with the energy-packed vibes of Moroccan Lounge, and let the music set you free.

Fulton Lee at Moroccan Lounge

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