Hembree at Moroccan Lounge

Hembree Tickets

Moroccan Lounge | Los Angeles, California

Are you a fan of Hembree? Have you ever experienced this voice live? Hembree is coming to Moroccan Lounge on Saturday 15th July 2023. Enjoy a Saturday night to remember. Buy your tickets now, prepare to be dazzled with a show that you will never forget. Hembree will be in Los Angeles, California for a limited engagement and you don’t want to miss out on seeing them LIVE! Tickets sell out fast as you well know, so it is best to buy yours now! You Will enjoy an magnificent show on a Saturday in Moroccan Lounge. Look forward to an awesome night of your favorite tunes at Moroccan Lounge on Saturday 15th July 2023. Tell all your friends, click the ‘get tickets’ button and book your seats now.

Hembree at Moroccan Lounge

Are you really ready for one of the biggest nights of 2023? summer is here and you've heard Hembree – your favourite EVER, is in Los Angeles! You can't believe your eyes but everything you've heard is true! Hembree is on a US-WIDE tour and making an exciting pit-stop in California this July! Makesure you are free, and be sure Saturday 15th July 2023 is in the diary – the breathtaking Moroccan Lounge will be filled with screaming fans, in the exact atmosphere you wished for, the greatest tracks performed live in front of your eyes by your legendary hero, it'll be the evening of your dreams! Rolling stone magazine has mentioned the huge tour on mutiple occasions, and reviews are top notch! Grab some band march, buy the album, heck bring your whole crew of friends, this is a night to be remembered, and one you NEED to be at! Tickets are selling FAST, click 'get tickets' now to buy yours!

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