Proxima Parada at Moroccan Lounge

Proxima Parada Tickets

Moroccan Lounge | Los Angeles, California

For the finest pop concert of the year get yourself to the unbelievable Moroccan Lounge, Los Angeles California on Saturday 28th May 2022, where the exceptional and award winning Proxima Parada will play at Moroccan Lounge. The states tour has been wildly anticipated, concert goers have been securing tickets from every angle! The night is expected to be huge and bustling with fans so be sure to buy yours right away for a Saturday evening of hits and euphoria this May. To buy some, it's so easy, you can do so by clicking the 'get tickets' button you will see above, but hurry, this is expected to sell out fast!

Proxima Parada at Moroccan Lounge

The second to none Moroccan Lounge of Los Angeles, California has a string of brilliant bands coming up for spring, 2022 but have you heard that one of the unrivalled acts on the pop scene will be showing at the excellent Moroccan Lounge for a special Saturday night in May? You've probably already guessed, the famous Proxima Parada, will be selling out the night and pop fans cannot wait! The act that seems to be everywhere you turn, will have you even more obsessed with those ever catchy hits, the anticipation is immense! When Proxima Parada is held at Moroccan Lounge on Saturday 28th May 2022, fans will already know its a highly regarded arena, if it's not for the friendly staff it'll be the world class amenities and vast array of food and drink options….Moroccan Lounge will add that additional touch to your evening! For entry simply press the 'get tickets' button now!

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