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Moroccan Lounge | Los Angeles, California


Hey indie music lovers! Guess what’s hitting LA like a sweet breeze on an endless summer eve? Tors is coming to the Moroccan Lounge – Tuesday, May 28, 2024. Picture it; an intimate venue, low lights, the vibe just right. I can't be more STOKED.

We’re talking Tors in their lyrical glory, spinning out melodies that tug at heartstrings like no other. "Wilder Days," remember that anthem? It'll be there LIVE, echoing off the walls, feeling like the first time you fell in love. And that's just the start.

There’s magic in a Tors show - the harmonies, the acoustic riffs, that unmistakable voice that feels like it’s singing just to you. This is an experience that's more than music - it’s memory-making, guys.

The Moroccan Lounge is where memories cling to the rafters, waiting for you to catch them. Small venue, BIG night. Imagine the stories, “I was there when Tors owned LA.”

So, you coming or what? GRAB your tickets – they’re a hot commodity and they aren’t gonna last forever. Because moments like this? They’re once in a LIFETIME. See you there!


Yo! Listen up, everyone! You ain't gonna believe this, but like, the stars have aligned and the musical universe is bringing us an unreal experience. We're talking about the Tors concert at the Moroccan Lounge on May 28, 2024. Dude, it's gonna be epic! If you've ever drowned in the sea of indie-folk melodies or got swooped up by the poetic winds of harmony, you know this genre is all about the feels. Tors? They're masters at stitching together stories with their tunes. Live music of this kind? It's like you're part of the narrative, where every chord strum resonates with some untouched part of your soul.

Imagine being in a crowd, the lights dim, and when those first notes hit, it's like a secret pact between you and the music—everyone there just gets it. This gig is gonna be a journey through emotions, with acoustic guitars humming to the rhythm of your heartbeat and vocals that soar higher than your loftiest daydreams. Good vibes are guaranteed, and if you've ever experienced Tors live before, you know those lads can weave magic in the air. Brace yourselves, it's not just a show; it's a communal vibe session where memories are minted.

About Tors

Now, let's rap about Tors, those maestros who'll be serenading our souls. These guys haven't just been around the block—they've rocked the block, built a new one, and rocked it all over again. Their live shows? A little slice of auditory heaven. It’s like every song tells a story that’s so vivid, you feel like it's your own memories being sung back to you. To say they're talented is an understatement. They've got this ability to transform a venue into their living room and each of us into long-lost friends.

Achievements? They've racked up streams in the millions, they've got fans scribbling lyrics on their bedroom walls, and they’ve made more playlists than you've had hot dinners. Their surprise covers? Mate, they turn classics into new anthems that make you question whether you ever really heard the original. So buckle up, because if you’ve never seen Tors live, you’re in for an experience that’ll tattoo itself on your musical soul.

Moroccan Lounge Information

Alright, let me spill on the venue—Moroccan Lounge. Nestled in the heart of LA's arts district, this gem is no stranger to the indie music scene. The lounge has vibes that'll transport you to another dimension—the kind of place that wraps its warm, cozy ambiance around you like a hug from an old friend. With a rep for hosting some of the most killer acts, it's intimate without feeling crammed, swanky without being pretentious, and just the perfect backdrop to the Tors' musical tapestry. The sound? Like honey to your ears, baby. And the staff? Legends, every single one of ‘em.

Ticket Information

Now let's rap about scoring some tickets. While the venue box office is cool and all, for real, you wanna snag those tickets with Ticket Squeeze. Why? Dude, low prices and even lower fees! They're like that buddy who's got the hookup to the best deals in town. You don’t wanna be that person weeping into their pillow because it’s sold out and you're left out in the cold. No way, José!

Get on it, grab your tickets at Ticket Squeeze, and get ready to experience Tors in all their glory at the Moroccan Lounge. It's not just a show, it's the stories you’ll tell for ages.

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to click that link, secure your spot, and prepare to be whisked away by the sheer brilliance of Tors at one of LA’s finest. May 28th, 2024—mark it, pin it, tattoo it if you have to. You won't wanna miss this. Get those tickets, friends! 🎟️🎶

Tors at Moroccan Lounge

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