Citizen Queen at Moroccan Lounge

Citizen Queen Tickets

Moroccan Lounge | Los Angeles, California

Can you suggest a bigger pop act than Citizen Queen? It seems there isn't a better one around right now! Pop lovers are going wild over Citizen Queen's summer, 2022 tour and here is the chance to join in! The most exciting evening of pop is happenng this June and it'll be a Thursday you'll never forget….do you know the excellent Moroccan Lounge, California, Los Angeles? Well Citizen Queen will be hosted there on Thursday 23rd June 2022! This will be the finest night of pop EVER so get your tickets at the ready it's really very easy, you can buy now if you click 'GET TICKETS' that you will see just above….hurry!

Have you spent any time at Moroccan Lounge in California, Los Angeles? Well the place considered one of the greatest places for holding pop concerts in the area and pop fanatics regularly attend…all of those wonderful amenities to offer, the staff are so friendly and there is such a wonderful vibe from entering the door, right up until you exit…why do you think the reviews are so good? Moroccan Lounge is epic! And could you think of a more important act to be hosted by the epic venue? Thats right…Citizen Queen is really quite famous at the moment….Pop fans are in pure adoration right now! The summer, 2022 US tour looks pretty wild and yourself and the pop fan buddies could really be there on Thursday 23rd June 2022! YES REALLY! Book yourself in for a Thursday night non stop entertainment this June, why not, you can do so via this page from the 'GET TICKETS' button….this is a unique opportunity, see your favourite act LIVE! CLICK BUY, NOW!

Citizen Queen at Moroccan Lounge

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