Haiden at Moroccan Lounge

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Moroccan Lounge | Los Angeles, California


Hey, Indie music lovers! Get ready to sway and groove because Haiden is hitting the Moroccan Lounge on February 29, 2024! This intimate venue is THE spot to catch Haiden's blend of soulful melodies and electrifying guitar riffs live and up-close.

One NIGHT only, Haiden’s poetic lyrics will come to LIFE in an environment that's as cozy as your favorite hoodie. You've probably had their chart-topping "Eclipse of Hearts" on repeat. Now, imagine the chills hearing it under the dim glow of Moroccan Lounge’s lanterns. Pure MAGIC.

The acoustic vibrations of "Whispering Shadows" have touched millions. Now it's your turn to FEEL them. Think raw, think passion, think an evening vibrating with anthems that soundtrack your deepest dreams.

Seats are as rare as leap days 'cause, well, Haiden's fam knows their live sessions are UNFORGETTABLE. Don't miss this chance to be part of the tribe, singing every word, beat dancing through your veins.

Ready to dive into the wave of harmonies? Grab your tickets before they're GONE! Hit that link and let’s make memories that echo beyond the encore! #HaidenLive #LeapIntoMusic 🎶✨

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Haiden at Moroccan Lounge

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