Johnny Manchild and The Poor Bastards at Moroccan Lounge

Johnny Manchild and The Poor Bastards Tickets

Moroccan Lounge | Los Angeles, California

Johnny Manchild and The Poor Bastards

Hey, indie music lovers! Guess who's storming the Moroccan Lounge with a heart-felt BANG? Johnny Manchild and The Poor Bastards are hitting LA on April 6, 2024, and it's something you CAN'T miss.

Their soul-stirring ballads and ENERGETIC anthems, like "Don't Shoot" and "Self-Loathing," will echo LIVE through the Moroccan Lounge, a spot known for its INTIMATE vibes – perfect for every raw, piano-driven jam they'll deliver.

Imagine: that trumpet's wail, Johnny's impassioned keys, the crowd swaying in a united rhythm—the purest form of musical connection. It's more than a gig; it's every EMO kid's dream revived in groovy adulthood.

Fans of real, FEELY tunes, clear your calendars. This night's gonna shake up your playlist, tug at those heartstrings, and remind you why live gigs are LIFE itself.

Ready to tap into the vibe? Slide into those DMs and let your crew know. This show's flame can't be doused, and space runs out FAST.

Hit the link, score those tickets—be part of the story. 🎹🖤 #JohnnyManchildLA

### Concert Summary

Hey fellow music lovers! Guess what? Johnny Manchild and The Poor Bastards are gonna grace the stage at the Moroccan Lounge on the 6th of April, 2024, and lemme tell ya, it's gonna be an explosion of music that will shred your heartstrings and mend them all in the same breath. These guys are the real deal. They take the piano-driven rock scene and smash it into something that feels like a carnival ride – thrilling, kinda unpredictable, and leaving you grasping for more.

Picture this: a crowd pulsing with anticipation, eclectic vibes surging through the air, trumpets and guitars battle against each other as if they were warriors of sound, and Johnny, the frontman hammering away at his keys as if he’s trying to wake the spirits of rock 'n' roll themselves. Trust me; their live shows are like fireworks – loud, in-your-face, and sparkling with so much color you’ll need shades. Just when you think you've got the flavor of a song, they switch the beat, change the tone, and have you questioning what genre you're listening to.

### About Johnny Manchild and The Poor Bastards

Ok, so if you haven't heard of Johnny Manchild and The Poor Bastards, where've you been? These cats bring the chops and the soul, with Johnny himself steering the ship like some crazed maestro. The band's charisma and energy can barely be contained by the stage. But it's not all chaos and wild antics; they've also got songs that speak straight to the heart, earning them a bunch of loyal fans screaming their lyrics right back at 'em.

They’ve got this vibe that's like... if Beethoven and a punk band had a baby that was raised in some kinda indie dive bar. It's genius! And Johnny's got this voice, right – it just reaches inside you. Band has smashed milestones one after another, kicking it through tours, blasting out albums, and gathering a tribe of hardcore followers. Their live show? It's where they unleash their true monster. It’s part party, part confession booth, and all the way live!

### Moroccan Lounge Information

Now, if you've never been there, the Moroccan Lounge in LA is a little gem. Cozied up in the heart of the city, the vibe is primo for any gig, but it's tailor-made for a band like Johnny Manchild and The Poor Bastards. The sound in this joint is, like, tight. You can feel the bass hit you in your soul. And the space itself is chill but electric, with an ambiance that's all sorts of warm and fuzzy.

It's the kinda spot where you make memories you’ll tell your grandkids about while they roll their eyes. Because yeah, grandpa was cool once. So, mix the Moroccan Lounge's killer rep with Johnny and the gang, and bam! It's the kinda night that we live for, right?

### Ticket Information

Alright, so here’s the skinny on the tickets: you could try your luck at the box office, but let's be straight – you and I know resale is where it’s at. And you definitely wanna check out Ticket Squeeze. I'm talking low prices, lower fees, and you get your tickets quick as a hiccup. None of that waiting around and hoping nonsense.

Remember those dreams where you show up at school in your undies? Well, missing this show would be the wake-up-and-it’s-actually-real version of that. Don’t be that person. Hit up Ticket Squeeze and lock down your spot.

Man, I'm buzzed just thinking about that night. The energy, the crowd, Johnny and the bastards tearing it up... So, what are you waiting for? Secure your tickets now and let's get ready to experience a night that's bound to be stamped in your memory, like a wicked tattoo for your brain. Get on it, and I'll catch ya there, yeah? 🤘

Johnny Manchild and The Poor Bastards at Moroccan Lounge

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