Jordana – Band at Moroccan Lounge

Jordana - Band Tickets

Moroccan Lounge | Los Angeles, California

Want to witness one of the biggest pop shows on the scene right now? Have you guessed what we're talking about? Only THE top pop act there is, the impressive, Jordana – Band! A brand spanking new tour of the states has been announced for summer, 2022 and luckily, Jordana – Band will be stopping in California, Los Angeles on Friday 17th June 2022! HOW EXCITING! pop fans are thrilled! This huge evening in June, will take place at Moroccan Lounge, California, Los Angeles, so bag some access right away! We have the means to do so, simply click 'get tickets', or risk missing out!

Jordana - Band at Moroccan Lounge

Some of the greatest pop bands are hosted by the smashing Moroccan Lounge, California, Los Angeles, its an stunning place and pop fans adore it. If its not the delicious food and drinks options to offer, its the world class facilities and the easy location, close to transport links, Moroccan Lounge is well rated amongst fans. Now the important part, the most exciting artist of the century, and one of the most famous in the pop genre, Jordana – Band, has just announced tour dates for summer, 2022 and pop fanatics, especially Jordana – Band fanatics cant wait! The award winning act is all over the place right now and SO popular! Tickets for the night in June will be available from today, but hurry we think this is going to sell out FAST! Write Friday 17th June 2022 in the calendar and book the day off, invite your friends and don't forget to buy some tickets now, before they're gone! It's so easy simply click the 'get tickets' link directly on this page! Don't miss this!

Jordana - Band at Moroccan Lounge

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