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Moroccan Lounge | Los Angeles, California

Julian Kenji

Hey LA music lovers! Mark your calendars — Julian Kenji is bringing his electrifying fusion of beats to Moroccan Lounge on March 10, 2024! Ready to dive deep into an evening where every chord resonates with your SOUL?

This isn't just ANY concert. It's a night with Julian, the man who gave us the spine-tingling "Echoes of Tomorrow" and heart-pumping "Neon Rush." His LIVE shows? They're legendary. Imagine the strum, the beat, the BURST of passion. We're talking full-on sensory OVERLOAD. Each song is a journey, and Julian's the captain.

The intimate vibes at Moroccan Lounge? PERFECT for feeling every note. The air brimming with anticipation, the crowd moving as one — the magic of shared moments. Julian's thrilling performance promises to leave you BREATHLESS, longing for one more song.

This is your shot to be part of something unforgettable, where memories are MADE and the music speaks directly to you.

Tickets? Selling FAST. Wait and they're gone. So what are you waiting for? Grab yours. Join us. Experience Julian Kenji LIVE. #JulianKenjiLA


Alright folks, strap on your comfiest shoes and get ready to shake up your boring routine coz' Julian Kenji is hitting the Moroccan Lounge on March 10, 2024, and this is not your average music gig. Imagine a blend of electric vibes, killer guitar riffs, and that indie rock aura that just sweeps you off your feet. Kenji nails the blend of soothing melodies with just enough edge to make your heart skip a beat. His live performances? Unreal! Totally immersive, with a touch of raw, emotional outpouring that'll have us all joining in on every chorus. Yeah, the energy's gonna be contagious, and the entire crowd will be a pulsing, living creature grooving to Kenji's beats. So, get ready to bask in an evening that'll take your soul on a wild ride with that sweet, sweet sound.

About Julian Kenji

Now, let's chat about Julian Kenji. Ever since this enigmatic artist burst onto the scene, he’s been rewriting the indie rock playbook. His live shows are a feast for the senses, with visuals that tug at your heartstrings and a voice that's like honey with a dose of gravel. Kenji’s won awards and hearts alike, but it’s the way he connects with the crowd that truly makes these nights memorable. When he hits those high notes or strums into a soulful solo, the entire place gets swept up in a tidal wave of feels. His performances aren’t just concerts, they’re communal experiences - where every note feels like it's for you and about you.

Moroccan Lounge Information

Haven’t been to the Moroccan Lounge yet? Man, are you missing out. This intimate venue, smack in the heart of Los Angeles, is like stepping into another world. The Lounge is famous for its cozy ambiance, stunning décor, and the sound system - oh, the sound system - is like ear candy. Perfect spot for those of us craving that up-close-and-personal musical fix. Not to mention, this gem is surrounded by the electric buzz of the city, making it a primo spot to dive into some post-concert night life. Trust me, the Moroccan Lounge isn't just a venue - it's an essential part of the Kenji experience.

Ticket Information

Get this - tickets are already flying faster than granny's needle during a knitting marathon. The box office is cool and all, but if you wanna snatch those tickets with the best price and slim-to-none fees, hit up our friends at Ticket Squeeze. They've got the hook-up for resale tickets that don't make your wallet cry. And knowing the reputation of Julian Kenji’s shows, these tickets are like gold dust. So, skedaddle over to Ticket Squeeze and get your hands on them before they're as gone as last year's trends.

If you've been craving a night where the music's not just heard but felt deep in your bones, where the crowd is alive with passion, and every second is a story waiting to be told, this is it. Julian Kenji, Moroccan Lounge, be there and let the memories carve themselves into your heart. So what are you waiting for? Hop onto Ticket Squeeze and let’s make some noise! 🤘

Julian Kenji at Moroccan Lounge

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