OLAN at Moroccan Lounge

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Moroccan Lounge | Los Angeles, California

Get ready for the best rave of your life as OLAN takes over the Moroccan Lounge on Friday 19th August 2022! This much-awaited electronic dance extravaganza has been regarded as the most exciting EDM event of the season. OLAN has circled the globe and sold out venues in major cities! This summer, it’s Los Angeles’s turn to welcome the sought-after electronica artist! OLAN’s show at the Moroccan Lounge is part of a extensive cross-country trek to promote the latest record, which received critical-acclaim from fans and critics. For OLAN’s show on Friday 19th August 2022, guests can expect astounding sets, epic drops, and booming beats that will keep everyone dancing all night. If you’re looking for the biggest party in town, you should grab your tickets now and experience this once-in-a-lifetime event featuring OLAN at the Moroccan Lounge on Friday 19th August 2022!

OLAN is due at Moroccan Lounge on Friday 19th August 2022 and will be performing all their best and old classics as well as introducing some brand new material specially penned for this appearance at Moroccan Lounge on Friday 19th August 2022 It is sure to be a once if a life time event that is expected to enter into the high and lofty halls of fame and fortune. With their very impressive repertoire of famous and old-time favorites, OLAN is also to introduce their previously un-see compositions to a dedicated following of fans. Die hard fans and followers will be arriving from all over the country to be at, and experience the unforgettable live appearances of OLAN. With such a record breaking history of magnificent past appearances, you simply cannot afford to miss this level of first class and high end live entertainment. OLAN is openly regarded as the benchmark for pleasurable music, by all in the musical industry. What other reason, or reasons, do you need to experience at first hand, and be a part of this high end live performance.

OLAN at Moroccan Lounge

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