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Moroccan Lounge | Los Angeles, California

Oliver Hazard

Saddle up for an exceptional night of centerwarming songs as Oliver Hazard takes the stage at the Moroccan Lounge! Prepare yourself — on Thursday the 13th of June 2024 — to be swept away to Los Angeles, soulful sounds echoing in the Californian night. For just $40, experience the band whose middlerending tales in "Take Me Back" and catchy beats of "Caesar Knows" have touched thousands. Oliver Hazard, with their distinct blend of rustic charm and emotional lyrics, brings an friendly concert atmosphere you won't want to miss. It's not just music; it's a homage to the narratives woven into the fabric of country tunes. Don't let this chance slip; the seats are filling fast! Let your spirit resonate with the strum of guitars and honest vocals. To join this celebration of country music and storytelling — click 'buy tickets' and ensure your place in the crowd. It's more than a concert; it's where memories are made.

The anticipation is tangible as the Moroccan Lounge prepares to welcome the lively indie-folk sounds of Oliver Hazard on the promising evening of Thursday, 13th June 2024, in the center of Los Angeles, California. Envisage the strums of a guitar, the harmonious vocals, and the collective pulse of a crowd captivated by the spirit of Americana. As fans escape into a musical collage crafted by tunes both tender and powerful, they'll be wrapped in an aura of camaraderie and nostalgia—a sound embrace from the Ohio natives that promises a memorable night under the city lights.

Oliver Hazard

Oliver Hazard, the charming trio from Waterville, Ohio, has seized the indie music narrative with their real storytelling and rustling songs. They are not only musicians but craftsmen of experience, weaving their latest achievements, like their growing recognition and celebrated performances at events like Oliver Hazard Day 2022, into their medely of success. Revel in their folk-infused hits like "Caesar Knows," the tune that reassures you're part of something larger than life. Their dedication and talent are evident, reverberating in the centers of many a listener and in the popularity they receive.

Moroccan Lounge Information

The Moroccan Lounge stands as an cozy concert sanctuary, boasting a 20-foot stage that has hosted an eclectic mix of rising talents and established acts alike. Its long history reverberates with every chord played within its walls, making it an ideal venue for an act like Oliver Hazard, whose musical aesthetics align seamlessly with the venue’s rich vibe. With room for 250 people, it's the perfect space to share in the collective joy of live music. Should you seek additional insights, the venue's staff are ready to address your curiosities—contact the Moroccan Lounge directly for inquiries.

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Secure your passage to an exceptional evening of indie-folk serenades with Oliver Hazard at the Moroccan Lounge. For the incredible value starting at $40, you can guarantee your spot amidst the camaraderie of fellow music lovers. Do not miss the chance to be a part of this musical confluence. Avail your tickets through the trusted marketplace, Ticket Squeeze, simply by clicking the "buy tickets" button. This is more than just a concert; it's an experience that will echo in your memories, long after the final note fades.

Oliver Hazard at Moroccan Lounge

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