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Moroccan Lounge | Los Angeles, California

Thomas Day

Hey everyone, mark your calendars! Thomas Day is hitting the stage at the Moroccan Lounge in LA on December 13th, and trust me, you DON'T want to miss this. His voice? Unreal. Hits like "Wildflower" and "Miss You" - COMPLETE chills.

Imagine this: a cozy venue, dim lights, and the raw emotion in Thomas' voice filling the air. That's right, the intimate vibes at Moroccan Lounge mean you're up close with the magic, feeling every note.

We've seen the vids, streamed the tracks, but nothing beats the LIVE rollercoaster of heart-tugging ballads and those beats that have us ALL on our feet. Dude knows how to put on a SHOW.

From his smooth tones to the strum of his guitar, it's an experience that's pure soul food. And let's be real, the chance to say "I was there" when he belts out the bangers we adore? Priceless.

Seats are like gold dust; they're going FAST. So, if a night of killer music is your jam, snag those tickets NOW. Be part of the moment. Let's make it a night to REMEMBER. 🌟 #ThomasDayLive

The spectacular Moroccan Lounge of Los Angeles, California has some amazing acts coming for winter, 2023 but have you heard that one of the top acts on the pop scene will be playing at the stunning Moroccan Lounge for a special Wednesday night in December? You've probably already guessed, the legendary Thomas Day, will be causing a scene and music lovers cannot wait! The act that is considered one of the biggest in the genre, will show you how to have a good time with those relentless famous hits, we are so excited! When Thomas Day is held at Moroccan Lounge on Wednesday 13th December 2023, fans will notice that its a highly regarded arena, if it's not for the excellent service it'll be the top notch facilities and wide selection of food vendors....Moroccan Lounge will add that additional touch to your evening! For access just click the 'get tickets' icon immediately!

Thomas Day at Moroccan Lounge

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