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Moroccan Lounge | Los Angeles, California


Alternative music is HIP AF so why not see live action music? The impressive and amazing Wendlo back on tour once more for winter, 2023 and there is a LOT of hype! Fans all over the US are overjoyed with this special night of nothing but alternative energy, why not be in attendance yourself! Wendlo will be hosted by the best stadium for big alternative shows, the amazing Moroccan Lounge of California, Los Angeles on Wednesday 6th December 2023! ACESS TO ALL DATES ON SALE FROM TODAY for this Wednesday of sheer entertainment....click the 'get tickets' link, December is your month! GO ON, TREAT YOURSELF!

Brace yourself for an unmissable evening filled with the vibrant sounds and infectious energy of Wendlo live in concert! This electrifying event is set to happen on December 6, 2023 at the iconic Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles, California. Think pulsating bases, contagious melodies that float through an energized crowd, and a live stage experience that imprints on you with magnanimous weight.

If you're a fan of raw talent coupled with passionate performances, we're serving all of that and more on a sonorous platter just for you. Concert-goers, prepare for a rich symphonic reunion that will reverberate in your memory banks long after the last note fades away. As the fascinating lights dance around the maestros, the air will be charged with a melodic frenzy that only a live music concert of this genre can offer!

About Wendlo

When we talk about Wendlo, we speak about a musical journey painted with vibrant hues of harmonic rhythms and lyrical genius. Known for their impassioned stage presence, Wendlo's live shows often blur the lines between a concert and a soul-searching, euphonic sermon, united in rhythmic ecstasy.

Whisking listeners away on a world designed by lush harmonies, Wendlo defines their music as an absolute emotional roller-coaster ride. Their unforgettable performance style encapsulates extraordinary craftsmanship and extraordinary musical prowess, credited with recognition from renowned music critics and industry champions globally. Wendlo's transcendent mastery of their genre has yielded a canon of indomitable tunes that continue to define and refine sonic landscapes.

Moroccan Lounge Information

Nestled in the animated heart of Los Angeles, California, the Moroccan Lounge is more than your average concert venue. Boasting a storied history and an impeccable reputation, this eclectic hub teems with culture, mixing modern amenities with an old-world charm. Every corner, every nook of this establishment seems to whisper melodic tales from the days of yore when music legends graced its stage.

In the Moroccan Lounge, the lighting never fades. The ambience never pales. The music never dies. It's a rhythmic sanctuary that offers not just soulful live music but a community thriving on shared stories and love for mesmerizing tunes.

Ticket Information

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Don't miss out on this sonic feast. Gather your friends, feel the anticipation, and let the music do the rest.

Remember, rocking good times don't just happen. They are experienced at a Wendlo concert in Moroccan Lounge. Capture the magic, groove on the tunes, and be a part of a story that's penned each night, one beat at a time. Hurry up and ensure your place at this much-anticipated gala by purchasing your tickets today with Ticket Squeeze!

Wendlo at Moroccan Lounge

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